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We are here to provide you an cost efficiency and effortless purchase of your company sanitizing range of product.


As a corporate account holder, you’ll enjoy benefits like volume purchasing, exclusive offers, free shipping on order of RM200 or more,
and more than 50% savings on select products produce by SaniShark.

Benefits for Businesses

  • Standard pricing for all corporate branches (lowest price guarantee)
  • Headquarter able to monitor each branches purchase pattern with monthly report (avoid wastage and possible corruption from branches)
  • Free delivery* service to each branches across Malaysia within 2 to 3 working days
  • Each branches PIC will have unique login ID to enable Skyler Biotech to invoice each branches accordingly (corporate to corporate billing instead of branches PIC buy and claim);
  • Credit terms applied to all branches at 30 days for all branches manager to process payment.

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